August 12, 2009

From the Garden Salad

Imagine...from garden to plate in 10 minutes. The tomatoes still warm from the afternoon sun, and the sweet, nectar-like juices still running from the freshly cut fennel reminding you of a glass of French Pastis.

Who needs protein or excess carbs on a scorching hot day when you've been sitting down at the computer for hours. A light salad will certainly hit the spot, especially when packed with as much flavour as this one.

The recipe is simple. Take a mixture of tomatoes from the garden- in this case a large White Beauty and several Gardeners' Delight cherry tomatoes. If you're growing organically you don't even need to wash them.

Chop the fronds off the fennel bulb, halve and slice into 1/4 inch pieces. Take one purple or green pepper and remove the seeds from the top leaving the pepper whole, then slice into rounds, and distribute around the plate. Add all vegetables to the plate and take 4-5 medium basil leaves, tear them by hand releasing their natural oils, and scatter on top.

Make a quick dressing- I made a chipotle chile-based dressing with a bit of pre-prepared chipotle sauce mixed with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 tsp white wine vinegar, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil and a small pinch of salt.

Pour over the salad and enjoy outside in the warm summer sun.

This way you'll experience summer to its fullest, both inside, and out.

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