September 3, 2008

Happy First Postings

Well Hi everyone! This is officially my first posting and it's coincidentally my birthday Happy Postings!

I'm still coming to grips with the finer details of creating a good blog so please bear with me over the coming weeks while I fine-tune the formatting.

I hope that over the course of writing this blog I hear from many of you about the quirky creations in your kitchens, and what lovely produce is growing in your gardens (if you garden of course- and if you don't, then please talk about food- I'm all ears.... or possibly eyes and stomach would be more appropriate).

I will be relaying the latest news about my garden and the subsequent fun had with the sweet, fresh produce in the kitchen (or should I call it the lab), the trials and new discoveries, hopefully some tips as I learn day by day what works and what doesn't (especially where the garden's concerned), and posting the recipes that work and taste the best.

Because I am gluten intolerant you will most often see baking recipes that are gluten-free. My apologies in advance if the use of 3 or 4 different flours do not coincide with the packet of all-purpose flour in most of your cupboards, but with luck those recipes where flour substitutions are used, will be useful for some people who are in similar situations. Now, a word of warning, I am only gluten-intollerant, so it is always possible, perhaps one day, that I will lapse into a craving for gooey, buttery, flaky, absolutely oozing from the centre almond chocolate croissants, and may try for weeks trying to recreate the sweet memory from France, but until that eventual day, this blog will be gluten-free.

If there's one thing I'd especially like everyone to take home from this blog, it would be the desire to start growing your own food in some capacity- even if it means a few herbs on the windowsill, or tomatoes in pots on the balcony. There is nothing easier, tastier or more satisfying.... except perhaps chocolate, but it doesn't have the same everlasting effect, and doesn't contribute to nearly as many meals!

See you soon at Garden to Ganache- Happy blogging!


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